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Hand Crafted Passion


As a graphic designer by trade, Susie has always had an interest in repeat patterns. As a keen illustrator, detail and decoration have been recurring themes throughout her career, and flora and fauna has been a constant source of inspiration. However, it took the change of pace to life, brought about by having children and spending more time away from the screen, for her to discover what she wanted to do with these interests.


From newly-filled sketchbooks she soon progressed to block printing, seeking inspiration from the stunning UK landscape where she lives and gradually distilling what she discovers into hand-drawn patterns, which are then often carved into lino, before printing onto the fabric.


All about the design


Nestled amongst a backdrop of peonies, a secret bee goes about its business. This design bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary in a bold, dense repeat that draws the eye.


Peony Bee is a single colour fabric printed digitally in the UK, from scans of original hand printed designs, carved into lino by Susie Hetherington.


Susie Hetherington - Fusian Pink - Peony Bee

SKU: 006
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