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Lestari designs is a platform to raise awareness and benefit the following:


1. The rattan industry and community in Indonesia. A traditional industry employing thousands of people across the country, and would benefit from further awareness and some design innovation. Their hand crafting techniques should be sustained and passed on to future generations to help support the community economy.

2. Environmental benefits of rattan. Rattan palms require the forest to survive. The plant is a vine that scrambles through and over other vegetation. In forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help protect forestland, by providing an alternative to timber logging. It also grows much faster than most tropical wood.

3. The designers and artists working together on the Lestari stool. 

Industrial designer, Tom Gilbert, designed the stool frame; he now seeks out collaborations with textile artists from all over the world, providing them with a springboard to further promote their brand and craft.


The result is this collection of an ever-growing range of beautiful, unique pieces of purposeful art.

Q & A


How can I own one?

Come to our exhibition. The exhibition will be an opportunity to see these unique pieces up close, meet some of the talented designers behind the designs, plus, bid for a chance to own one of these limited edition art-piece. If you can't make the exhibition, e-mail us and we will send you details on how you can bid online for your chance to own one of the pieces from the collection.

Is it comfy?

It is! The stool was designed at an average table chair height. The seat sits at 480mm (19") high, and under compression it lowers to approximately 430mm (17") high. The height and lack of back also encourage good posture. Although we see the Lestari stools as a one-off pieces of art and less of functional stool, if you do wish to use them, then they are very comfortable.

Who makes the stools?

The stool frame is hand-made in Indonesia, by local artisans. The cushion fabrics will then depend on the artist or designer you have selected. Some are screen printed by hand, some woven, some machine printed. The details will be in the designers description. Each cover is then machined by hand to custom fit your stool.

*Because all components are made by hand and with a lot of natural materials then each design will vary slightly in size and shape.

Can the stool be used outside?

Our stools are not weather resistant and not recommended for outdoor use. Rattan can be used as outdoor furniture, but be aware it will begin to perish in extreme conditions or if it frequently gets wet. Each fabric will also have it's own level of weather or sunlight resistance. If in doubt avoid direct sunlight and outdoor usage.

Is the cover removable?

All or covers can be removed. You can easily lift out the integrated cushion and a simple toggle device allows you to loose the cover to remove it.

Can I wash my cushion cover?

As these are one-off pieces of art, we do not recommend they are washed to avoid any potential damage. However, if there is a need then whether you can wash the cover will depend on the designer cover you have chosen. Each fabric will have it's own washing advice available on request.

What's the size of the stool?

400w x 400w x 600h mm

Q & A

Want to know more?

Any other questions, please don't hesitate to message us.

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