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As a fashion designer who grew up exposed to her family-owned Batik workshop; it is only relevant that Nonita pursued the Indonesian heritage as her main
focus of design. Her passion to preserve Indonesian culture is always shown in the designs of Nonita's own label, PURANA.
PURANA is associated with modernized traditional fabric made into fashion. Batik technique, tie-dyeing and hand weaving technique are maintained, but processed into something unique, stylish, and relevant. 


The design


Material: Poplin


Coloring Technique: Handmade Tie-dye


These fabrics are taken from PURANA’s latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection, named Popsicle Brush. The mixture of colors are inspired by popsicle colors which represents freshness and summer season. These fabrics combined with Lestari Design’s rattan stool would give a strong tropical resort feel to any spaces.


Nonita Respati - Aqua Popsicle Brush

SKU: 008
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