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Say hello to Marisa


Marisa is a Brazilian-Japanese graphic designer with a passion for everything tropical: the lifestyle, the culture, the colours, the flavours, the stories, the weather. She sources inspiration for her work and for her life in her travels around the globe, always chasing the eternal sunshine.


The Design


This fabric is called 'Chita' or Chintz in Sanskrit. It is originally from India, but in the 1800's Europe and the Americas started manufacturing their own with more traditional prints. In France, they developed a monochromatic pattern that would be known as 'toile'. In Brazil, the pattern became bolder, colourful and vibrant. In Brazil this fabric is commonly used to make curtains, and other furnishings as well as clothes for special occasions such as Carnival.


Marisa Tayti - Chita

SKU: 009
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